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A Whole New Riding Experience

Snowtunnel® is a new riding experience. We are Bringing the do what you like with it. The continuous rotation pulls you up the wall so you can drop back in and shred again and again.

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Year Round Snow

Why limit your riding to a short snow season? The Snowtunnel® can operate all year round, bringing a new snow based experience to everyone, anywhere, anytime, regardless of the weather.

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Progress At Your Own Pace

Whatever your age, experience or ability, Snowtunnel® adapts to your needs. Try something new, hone your skills, level up your progression and keep your legs fit all year round.

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Patented Technology

We've invented something truly unique and the Snowtunnel® core technology is patented around the world. We also have a pipeline of R&D projects underway to keep evolving our technology and push the limits of what's possible. 

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Snow From Frozen Water

Using fresh water, we form a base of ice topped with a layer of snowy ice crystals to create a riding surface similar to the snow in a snowboard hard pipe. Then we make dry powder snow fall from the sky, settling on the surface just waiting to be shredded.

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Get On Board The Revolution

With a small footprint, Snowtunnel® is suitable for a wide range of spaces, like wave pools, indoor snow fields, amusement parks, ice skating rinks, cruise ships, as a stand-alone Snowtunnel® venue or in your backyard.


Become a Foundation Partner

We're looking for passionate and entrepreneurial foundation partners to be one of the first venues to make our unique experience accessible to everyone, all year round, regardless of weather. Check out the business opportunity and register your interest in becoming a licensee.

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It’s an awesome ride and a seriously extreme carving challenge when you crank up the speed. It's a no brainer for "off season fitness".

Scott Kessler

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26 Nov 23

The Snowtunnel crew talks about riding the prototype

After 8 months finishing the build of the Snowtunnel R&D prototype, it was surreal to see the chillers go to work and the snow start growing.

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John backside air on Snowtunnel prototype

Video Gallery

See Snowtunnel® in action

Snowtunnel® is the only snow based experience like it in the world! The continuous rotation pulls you up the wall so you can drop back in and shred again and again. Grind the coping, carve the face or just cruise. For something a little more mellow, try our snowplay mode where you can throw a snowball, ride a toboggan or just walk around in the powder snow..

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Rider progression for all levels

Snowtunnel® is a revolutionary new snow experience that is easy for beginners to learn and can also be amped up to an elite level adrenaline sport. Our learning bar offers an easy and safe way to try snowboarding or skiing for the first time. Progress to the sliding bar to start edging from side to side and finally to the full freeride mode where you can hit the quarter pipes, grind the endless coping or slide the endless fun-box.

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