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Consumer spending habits are changing, with 76% of people now preferring to spend their money on experiences, rather than material items. And 70% of consumers want an experience where they can laugh and have fun.#

We know that people all over the world want access to fun, exciting, unique and affordable experiences, which are close to home.

For over 125 million participants worldwide, snowboarding and skiing is their “go to” passion, but getting to the snow is not always easy….

  • Half the countries in the world have no snow fall at all
  • Snow seasons are short – only 3 to 4 months per year
  • Travelling to a snow resort can take many hours or even days
  • It can be expensive, crowded and often adversely impacted by weather

Now, Snowtunnel® is Bringing the SnowTM so you can offer this unique and patented snow experience to customers at your venue all year round, regardless of the weather.

Bring this exciting new ride to your business and be rewarded with additional revenue, increased foot traffic, longer dwell times and a great spectacle.

Whether you operate a Surf Wave Pool, Standing Wave Venue, Indoor Snow Field, Ski Resort, Amusement or Theme Park, Water Park, Cruise Ship, Shopping Center, Ice Skating Rink, Corporate HQ, Universities, or even if you want one set up in your own backyard, we’d love to talk to you.

Snowtunnel® has a relatively small footprint and high potential revenue per square meter. You’ll need approximately 300 sq mt (3,200 sq ft) of land for the single tunnel setup and up to 1,200 sq mt (12,900 sq ft) for a triple tunnel setup, plus access to clean water and 3-phase power.

Our R&D tunnel testing resulted in surprisingly low overall electricity usage across the day, confirming strong operating economics for a Snowtunnel at your venue.

# 76% of Consumers Prefer to Spend on Experiences than on Material Items

Exclusive Territory Agreements (ETA’s)

We have a limited number of Exclusive Territory Agreement’s (ETA’s) available for approved foundation partners, to license the use of our patented technology within a specified geographic area.

The construction and license agreement includes: advice on the design & placement of the tunnel/s, device construction, ongoing maintenance, servicing, operational software systems and upgrades.

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Snowtunnel is Bringing the Snow™

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After years of testing, research and development, the full scale Snowtunnel® is set to bring a whole new snow experience to locations all over the world. Check out the patented technology which drives this invention.

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Snowtunnel is Bringing the Snow™. Whether you want to Learn, Ride, Train or Play, the Snowtunnel has an experience that will suit all levels of riders, from absolute beginners to expert shredders and everyone in between.