Bringing the Snow™

Whether you want to Learn, Ride, Train or Play, Snowtunnel® has an experience to suit all levels of riders, from absolute beginners to expert shredders and everyone in between.

Snowtunnel® works as a stand alone venue offering multiple snow based experiences side by side, or as an additional experience and revenue generator for surf wave pool/standing wave venues, indoor snow fields, ski resorts, theme parks, water parks, cruise ships, shopping centers, ice-skating rinks, corporate HQ’s and Universities …. or even your back yard!

Thumbnail for Snowboard Freeride

Snowboard Freeride

Snowtunnel’s rotation provides endless power and momentum for snowboarders to drive up the wall of the full-pipe and drop back down the transition again and again.

Thumbnail for Skiing Freeride

Skiing Freeride

Skiers can ride the tunnel straight on, or traverse across the rotation to carve up and down the walls. Carve slalom turns or grind the coping and fun-box.

Thumbnail for Multi-Experience Three Tunnel Stage

Multi-Experience Three Tunnel Stage

Sitting on ~1,200 sq mt (~13,000 sq ft), the Three Tunnel Multi-Experience Stage is a combination of experiences catering for an average of 24 to 50 riders per hour (or more).

Thumbnail for Learning Platform

Learning Platform

The learning platform enables face-to-face instruction to experience snowboarding or skiing for the first time, rehab after an injury or maintain fitness between seasons.

Thumbnail for Snow Play

Snow Play

For a change of pace, slow the tunnel down so kids, adults and grandparents can enjoy walking through the snow inside the tunnel, throwing a snowball and riding a snow tube or toboggan.

Thumbnail for Moguls Training

Moguls Training

Supercharge your training with our world first continuous moguls training concept, where you can dial up or down the intensity, race your friends or beat the clock. .

Thumbnail for Cross Country Skiing and Hiking

Cross Country Skiing and Hiking

Cross country skiers and hikers can access all year round ice & snow conditions. Speed it up or slow it down and change where on the slope to sit to vary the angle of the climb.

Thumbnail for Ice Scooter / Snow Skate

Ice Scooter / Snow Skate

Whatever your snow passion, Snowtunnel is Bringing the Snow™ year round… the only limit is your imagination.

Thumbnail for Brand Promotion Billboard

Brand Promotion Billboard

What if “Snowtunnel” was an energy drink, soft drink or beer brand….the rotating cylinder looks like an aluminium can and would make a perfect billboard.

Snowtunnel is Bringing the Snow™

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Photo Gallery

Check out our photo gallery to see pics of the Snowtunnel® in action. #snowtunnel