The learning platform offers face-to-face instruction.

It’s designed for those experiencing snowboarding or skiing for the first time, progressing basic skills, rehabing after an injury or maintaining fitness between seasons.

Snowtunnel venue operators can offer snowboarding or skiing lessons, with face to face instructor input, making the learning experience fun and safe. The instructor adjusts the rotation of the tunnel from a remote speed controller, so it can be slowed down or sped up to give students a different experience as confidence grows.

Snowtunnel is Bringing the Snow™

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After years of testing, research and development, the full scale Snowtunnel® is set to bring a whole new snow experience to locations all over the world. Check out the patented technology which drives this invention.

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Snowtunnel is Bringing the Snow™. Whether you want to Learn, Ride, Train or Play, the Snowtunnel has an experience that will suit all levels of riders, from absolute beginners to expert shredders and everyone in between.